Physics and the city

15 – 17 Dicembre 2005

The conference is promoted by the University of Bologna-UniboCultura and organized by the Complex Systems Group of the Physics Department.
The aim of the conference is to present to an inter-disciplinary audience the main recent ideas of the science of complexity, the applications to the urban mobility problems and the future problems of modelling complex urban systems in relation with the governance of mobility.
The conference features three main topics:

  1. Complexity in Sciences;
  2. Modelling Urban Mobility;
  3. European Mobility Governance.

It will be emphasized the contributions from different disciplines with a particular attention to model complex urban systems.
Volvo Italia shares and supports the conference aims by accepting to become partner of the project.

Complexity in Sciences
15 December
Sala Farnese, Palazzo D’Accursio, Comune di Bologna

12:05 – 12:50 · PAOLO FABBRI, Thick models in narrativity

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