The Efficacy of Images, eikones Summer School

NFS Bildkritik
NCCR Iconic Criticism

Rheinsprung 11
CH-4051 Basel

August 22 – 27, 2010

Images have a meaning, but they also have effects and consequences. The question of the NCCR Iconic Criticism as to the power and meaning of images is to be studied in-depth in the three interdisciplinary courses of the 2010 eikones Summer School on the “Efficacy of Images”: by looking at propaganda images, their history and strategies; with regard to visual representations in which societies invent and attempt to recover themselves; and by means of the role of images and pictorial objects in different research cultures.


Course 1 The Visuality of Society
Johannes Bruder and Il-Tschung Lim with Christa Karpenstein-Eßbach

Course 2 Research Objects in Action
Inge Hinterwaldner, Schirin Kretschmann, and Sigrid Leyssen with Viktoria Tkaczyk

Course 3 Propaganda Images and Their Strategies
Angela Mengoni and Antonia von Schöning with Eric Michaud

Public Lectures
Paolo Fabbri and Erna Fiorentini

The eikones Summer School 2010 addresses advanced students and doctoral candidates of philosophy, sociology, the arts, media, politics, literature, the history of art and science, and researchers in the fields of visual culture, the visual arts, architecture, and design theory and practice. The courses will be held in German and English. A passive knowledge of both of these languages is required for participation in any case.
Participants are expected to contribute to the success of the courses by giving presentations and actively participating in discussions. NCCR Iconic Criticism will pay for accommodation and refund half of the travel expenses.
Applications should include a professional curriculum vitae and copies of diplomas (where applicable). The applicants are requested to submit an abstract of approximately 350 words. Further details and a bibliography will be sent to the selected participants. Application documents will not be returned.

Programme & information:

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